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How to choose bus duct

How to choose bus duct

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he classification of bus ducts is divided into AC bus ducts, DC bus ducts, refractory bus ducts and waterproof bus ducts, etc. due to the different occasions of use. The shell is made of steel or aluminum alloy, there are many types. According to the current project selection situation, the AC bus duct (commonly known as the ordinary bus duct) still occupies the dominant market position. Common bus ducts are divided into dense insulated bus ducts and air insulated bus ducts according to the structural form (reinforced bus ducts should belong to the category of air insulated bus ducts). The name and model of the product should meet the standard requirements of BJ Hall 375.21-199 "Production Method of Low-voltage Switchgear and Control Equipment Product Model Part 1: Low-voltage Switchgear". The product name and model compilation method is as follows:

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2. Standards for busbar trunking

The national standard for busbar trunking is: GB7251.2-1997 "Part 2 of low-voltage switchgear and control equipment: special requirements for bus trunking system (busbar trunking)". This standard is equivalent to adopting IEC60439-2:1987. The implemented industry standards are: JB51-l990 (Air Insulated Bus Trunking System (Air Insulated Bus Trunking)'', BJ Peng 662-1992 "Dense Insulated Bus Trunking System (Dense Insulated Bus Trunking)". These two standards are based on The requirements for the safety performance of electrical products have added specific clauses, contents and requirements on the basis of national standards, which provides a guarantee basis for the safety and reliability of busbar products for the application of busbar production enterprises. JB Tingor327-20( ) 2 (refractory busbar trunking system (refractory busbar trunking)" standard is the industry standard for busbar trunking used in refractory occasions.

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