Basic knowledge of complete installation and wiring of high and low voltage distribution cabinets

As an employee engaged in the complete electrical equipment industry: To do his job well, he must master the role of complete electrical equipment in the power distribution system. At the same time, we understand some technical knowledge and the most basic assembly and wiring skills requirements, so as to achieve safe production and civilized production. Learn to understand and understand the relevant drawings. Drawings are the common language of the engineering and technical circles. The design department uses drawings to express the design intent; the production department uses drawings to guide the processing and manufacturing; the use department uses drawings to guide the use, maintenance and management; the construction department uses the drawings to prepare the construction plan and prepare the materials for construction. Wait.

If employees engaged in the complete equipment industry want to do their jobs well, they must establish the concept of civilized production. In the daily production process, we always improve the quality awareness with relevant process requirements. It is the importance of the life of the enterprise. It is necessary to pay attention to the work efficiency, create a good working environment, and have a comfortable working environment to better improve. The work efficiency is to pay attention to the surrounding environmental sanitation everywhere. At the same time, in daily work, colleagues should cooperate with each other, respect each other and relate to each other. In terms of technology, they should exchange experiences and constantly improve themselves and develop their work. The task is to achieve good work habits of self-inspection, mutual inspection and post-inspection to ensure quality and create better benefits for the enterprise.
To do your job well: (1) What must each employee know? What are you familiar with? Can you understand what? In the case of complete electrical products, each employee should know the structure and use of the product; should be familiar with the performance, internal structure, and main technical parameters of the product; should understand the system diagram (primary plan), floor plan, principle Figure, secondary wiring installation diagram. (2) Every employee must know what is three-in-one production: production according to the drawings; production according to the process; production according to technical specifications. In the aspect of quality management, “five no”, 1 material is not qualified and not fed; 2 the unsuccessful process does not flow into the next process; 3 parts and components are not qualified and not assembled; 4 the assembly fails and does not pass the test; . Have a reasonable and complete assembly wiring plan in daily work. The production, transmission, distribution and use of electricity require a large variety of electrical equipment to form the main system for power generation, transmission and distribution. These devices mainly refer to generators, transformers, disconnectors, circuit breakers, voltage transformers, current transformers, power capacitors, lightning arresters, cables, busbars, etc. They are often referred to as primary devices in power systems, and the circuits that connect these devices together are called primary wiring, also known as primary wiring, which is a primary circuit. In order to make all aspects of power production, transmission, distribution and use safe, reliable, continuous, stable, economical and flexible, and to monitor their work at any time, a considerable amount of other equipment, such as measuring instruments, must be installed outside the main system. Automatic equipment relay protection remote control and control signal appliances, etc. These devices are usually connected with the secondary winding DC circuit of current and voltage transformers or the low voltage circuit used in the factory. The circuit formed by them is called secondary circuit, wiring. Said secondary wiring. The drawings describing the secondary circuit are called secondary wiring or secondary circuits (including auxiliary circuits). The drawings for secondary wiring generally come in three forms, namely the schematic diagram, the principle development diagram and the installation wiring diagram (we usually use the secondary wiring diagram).

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