Copper bar (copper bus) technical requirements

Copper bar (copper bus) technical requirements


Copper bar (copper bus) terminology, code and representation

Specifications: a × b  a: thickness (narrow side size) mm; b: width (wide side size) mm


Material: Cathode copper T2


cnc busbar cut

Code: TM (copper bus)


Sectional shape: rounded corners, rounded edges (B), fully rounded edges (Q)


Status points: R: soft state Y: hard state


busbar processing center

Product representation method: TMBY 10×100 GB/T5585.1-2005, namely round-edge copper busbar, thickness 10mm, width 100mm, hard state


Copper bar (copper bus) technical requirements

busdust bending machine

National Standard: GB/T5585.1-2005 Copper, aluminum and its alloy busbars for electrical purposes Part 1: Copper and copper alloy wire 


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