How to choose a tool for CNC busbar processing machine

How to choose a tool for CNC busbar processing machine:

1. Select CNC bus processing machine tool according to the cutting performance of the part material

(1) For example, for car or milled high-strength steel, titanium alloy, and stainless steel parts, it is recommended to select an indexable carbide tool with good wear resistance.

2. Select the tool according to the machining stage of the CNC bus processing machine of the part

(1) In the roughing stage, the residual amount is mainly used, and the tool with good rigidity and low precision should be selected.

(2) Semi-finishing and finishing stages In order to ensure the machining accuracy and product quality of the parts, tools with high durability and high precision should be selected.

(3) The tool used in the roughing stage has the lowest precision, while the tool used in the finishing stage has the highest precision.

(4) If the same tool is selected for roughing and finishing, it is recommended to use the tool that has been eliminated by finishing.

3. Select the tool and geometric parameters according to the characteristics of the machining area of the CNC bus processing machine

(1) A tool with a large diameter and a small aspect ratio should be used if the part structure permits.

(2) When processing softer parts such as aluminum and copper, the end mill should be selected to have a slightly larger front end, and the number of teeth should not exceed 4 teeth.

4. Select the tool according to the surface size of the workpiece processed by the CNC bus processing machine

(1) In the production, the peripheral contour of the plane parts is often processed by an end mill.

(2) When milling the plane, the cemented carbide insert milling cutter should be selected.

(3) When machining bosses and grooves, select high-speed steel end mills.

(4) When processing the surface of the blank or roughing the hole, a corn milling cutter with a cemented carbide insert can be selected.
(5) For the processing of some three-dimensional and variable-angle contours, ball-end milling cutters, ring milling cutters, conical milling cutters and disc milling cutters are often used.

On the CNC bus processing machine, all the tools are pre-installed in the tool magazine, and the corresponding tool change action is performed through the selection of the NC program and the tool change command. The corresponding standard shank for the machine tool system specification must be selected so that the CNC bus processing tool can be quickly and accurately mounted to the machine spindle or returned to the tool magazine.

In the future, when selecting the CNC bus processing machine tool, the reader can start from several aspects described above, so as to avoid selecting the unsuitable CNC bus processing machine tool.

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