The correct method of busbar operation and matters needing attention

The correct method for busbar operation and the matters needing attention are:

(1) Charging the spare busbar. When the busbar switch is used, the busbar switch should be used to charge the busbar. The charging protection of the busbar switch should be in the input state, and the protection setting time should be adjusted to 0 if necessary. In this way, if there is a fault in the spare bus, it can be cut off by the bus switch to prevent the accident from expanding. If there is no busbar switch, confirm that the spare busbar is in good condition, and the knife gate can also be used for charging. However, when selecting the knife gate and programming sequence, care should be taken not to overload.

(2) In addition to charging with the busbar switch, during the busbar switching process, the operating power supply of the busbar switch should be pulled open to prevent the busbar switch from tripping accidentally, causing a load puller event.

(3) When all the components on one busbar have to be switched to another busbar, there are two kinds of switching sequence. One is to combine the knife gate of one component with one busbar, and then open another busbar cutter. The other is that all the components are combined after one bus, and then all the switches of the other bus are pulled apart. This is determined by the location of the operating mechanism (two busbars on one corridor or two corridors) and on-site habits.

(4) Since the voltage transformer of the relay switch to another busbar or busbar is powered off, the voltage circuit of the relay protection and automatic device needs to be converted by another voltage transformer, and care should be taken not to make the relay protection and automatic device. Malfunction due to loss of voltage. Avoid contact failure of the voltage circuit and reverse charging of the unpowered busbar by the voltage transformer, and the voltage loop fuse is blown, causing the relay protection to malfunction.

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